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Airbrush Waterbased – Brown


Contents 45ml

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Get the most intense colours you could possibly imagine with these Spectrum Flow Water Based Airbrush Paints.

With a bright finish and the very best coverage, it is no wonder that cake artists the world over are scrambling to get hold of them. No matter what cake or occasion, Spectrum Flow have a colour to suit.

Whilst these water-based colours aren’t as versatile as the Spectrum Flow ethanol range, they more than make up for it with a fantastic price and if you are using sugarpaste, then you’ll still get the great coverage that makes these paints so popular.

The water-based colours can be mixed much more easily than the ethanol colours, allowing you to get the exact colour you are after whether that’s bold and vibrant, or a more subtle pastel shade. The colours blend together well to create amazing textures and shading but please be aware however that they will change their colour when sprayed on top of one and other, as with all water based colours. For example; if you were to spray a blue sky and then decided it needed a yellow sun, when you spray the yellow over the blue it will blend together and you will end up with a green sun instead. You simply need to plan out your design and mask off areas where you do not want the colours to layer, or use the ethanol paints instead.

These colours DO NOT work on chocolate or any other smooth surface as the water droplets will just form on the surface and run off.

Bottles contain 45ml-


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