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Steampunk Plungers



Dimensions 8 ,6 and 4

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These fantastic new Steampunk Cogs Plunger Cutters by Black Cherry Cake Company are perfect for the popular steampunk theme, cute little robot cakes, cupcakes, manly cake themes and more!

This set of 3 plastic plunger cutters come in sizes 8cm, 6cm and 4cm they are ideal for larger tiers and work alongside the smaller gear mould perfectly to create a whole range of different sizes and shapes.

They are super quick and easy to use and will give you amazing results every time. Simply roll out your strengthened sugar paste or modelling paste thinly on a non-stick work board. Place the cutter down on top of the paste and apply pressure to the outside of the cutter, ensuring it cuts cleanly through the paste. Give the cutter a little wriggle and push down the plunger button on the top of the cutter to release the shape. Allow them to dry completely on a foam mat.

The finished cogs looks amazing when painted up in golds, silvers and coppers using readymade edible paint or by using rejuvenator spirit and lustre dusts. Perfect for steampunk wedding cakes, cupcake toppers and more!


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