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Ropes and Knots


Dimensions L17.50 

W1.25cm,1cm and 0.50cm

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Ropes and Knots


The detail in the ropes and knots is amazing. The depth to this mould will allow you to create extremely realistic knots people won’t believe you haven’t used real rope. This mould compliments any nautical theme you have but can also be used as decoration for wedding and birthday themes too.

Ropes and Knots mould for cake decorating

Decorate your cake with these incredibly detailed and realistic ropes and knots. This cake decorating mould is so adaptable and can be used in a huge range of themed cake or as a border for wedding or birthday cakes.

Ropes and Knots mould for crafters

Decorate your projects with these realistic looking ropes and knots.  There is unbelievable detail in these moulds that you simply won’t believe they are not real rope.


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