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Nursery Building Blocks


1 x Cross-Shaped Cutter/Net
4 x Cutter Designs (Flower, Rabbit, Duck & Boat)
1 x Polystyrene Block

Dimensions 38 x 38 x 38mm

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The finished block measures approximately: 38mm x 38mm x 38mm


1. On a lightly greased non-stick board, roll out white flower or modelling paste. (Don’t lift the paste when rolling, and roll the paste very thin)
2. Grease the cutter and press firmly into the paste.
3. Remove the cutter and lift the excess paste from around the edge of the figure.
4. Colour the largest areas with dry dust colour, then mix alcohol or lemon extract with dust colours to paint finer details.
5. Roll out flowerpaste in your chosen colour,
6. Lightly grease the large cross-shaped cutter and place onto the paste. Press firmly but DO NOT cut through.
7. Turn the cross over before it dries out and moisten with water.
8. Place a 38mm dried cube of sugarpaste (or the stryo block to practice first) onto the centre and and lift the cross pieces around the cube.
9. Use cake smoothers to press the top and sides to neaten.
10. Finally, moisten the figures you made earlier with water and attach to the sides of the cube.


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