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Mini Non Slip Turntable


Dimension 10cm in diameter

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Good things come in small packages…

Small but mighty, this new mini non-slip turntable is both lightweight, compact, and able to support up to 55kg of weight!

The mini turntable measures 10cm in diameter and rotates 360° effortlessly. It also includes a non-slip rubber ring on both the top and bottom, so you can be sure that nothing will slip and spoil your amazing cake creations.

Its unique size makes it ideal for smaller projects like cupcakes, muffins and cookies – but can also support full cakes up to 55kg in weight and still rotate without any problem.

The turntable can be taken apart for easy cleaning in between uses – simply wash with warm soapy water.

Not dishwasher safe.

Width: (3.9″) x Height (0.59″)


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