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Magnolia Centre Mould



Dimensions 5 x 1.50cm

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Southern Magnolia Center Mold Veiner by Simply Nature Botanically Correct Products®, was created by Jason Dontz and Jennifer Dontz of Sugar Delites, and creates the most realistic Southern Magnolia center interpretation possible. The 2 part Southern Magnolia mold veiner creates a Southern Magnolia center that measures 2″ x 3/4″. Simply Nature brand veiners capture each ruffle, pillow & vein because they were created from the actual top and the actual bottom of each leaf, center or petal, thus creating the most realistic replica of nature. Botanically correct veiners leave room for your wire and will not cut your paste and since the veiners were created by nature, they also shape and form your medium as well. Each Simply Nature Brand veiner is made in the USA and is poured using the highest quality platinum based, food approved silicone. Special Instructions: Firmly pack each side of the center molds with gumpaste, insert wire, and firmly press both sides of the molds together. The Southern Magnolia center will have a line down each side. Use a small modeling tool to blend the line into the center. Note: The “carpels” had to be removed from the center during the molding making process in order to successfully complete the mold. These will have to be handmade and re-attached. Also, this center was made when the stamens were off of the center.
Part Number: VEI217


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