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Isomalt Nibs – 198gram


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✔ This pre-cooked Isomalt melts in the microwave in just a few seconds. No cooking is required. Sugar burns easily, but Isomalt won’t change colour when heated.

✔ Sugar absorbs more water than Isomalt, so it’s more hygroscopic and more difficult to use.

✔ Unlike sugar, CakePlay’s Isomalt resists crystallisation, even after remelting. Just let it cool and you can easily use it again for a different application.

✔ Isomalt is less fragile and easier to work with.

✔ When properly cooked, tempered, handled and stored, Isomalt is more forgiving of high-humidity conditions.

✔ Isomalt colours can be mixed together in different ways. The nibs can be melted together in a cup, for example mix a little blue to some white will create a baby blue. You can also melt them separately, and pour together to make a two toned, swirl effect.

Why CakePlay Isomalt Sticks?
CakePlay’s convenient pre-cooked Isomalt Nibs let you start decorating in just a few minutes. Simply melt the number of isomalt Nibs you need in the microwave, and you’re ready to go! No stress and no mess. We’ve taken away the hassle of working with traditional Isomalt to make any decorating project a piece of cake! CakePlay’s pre-cooked Isomalt Nibs are made with the highest-purity Isomalt available. The colour and clarity of this Isomalt remains true during melting and application. And with CakePlay’s convenient packaging, there’s little to no waste. Simply use the amount of Isomalt Nibs you need. If you melt a bit too much Isomalt, just pour it onto a Silpat® mat, then store in an air-tight container to reuse later on another project. Unused Isomalt Nibs can be stored in an air-tight container for up to 2 years.


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