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Hydrangea Multi Cutter and Veiner Set


Stainless Steel and Silicone

Dimensions 3.50×3.50, 2.50×2.50 and 2x2cm

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With this easy to use mould and cutter set, you can create beautiful flowers in a matter of minutes.

Using a range of different size cutters you can make a wide range of flowers suitable for small embellishments on wedding, anniversary and celebration cakes or use them as part of a larger bouquet of sugar flowers.

With this 2 part mould you can create realistic flower designs on both sides of your flower making it look truly authentic.

The mould is also extremely easy to use. Simply cut your flower shape from sugarpaste or whichever material you wish to use, place on one side of the mould and press the two sides of the mould together over the sugarpaste to create the design.

Due to its simplicity, this cutter and mould set is suitable for use no matter if you are an expert decorators or just starting out.

The mould can be used with a wide variety of different mediums including Sugarpaste/fondant, florist paste, modelling paste, modelling chocolate, and marzipan. It can also be used with non-edible mediums such as clay, however once used with non-edible mediums, it is not recommended to then use the mould with edible mediums.

Once your flowers have been made, why not try using lustre dust mixed with a little rejuvenator spirit to paint them whichever colour you desire and give them that finishing shine.

Contents include: 3 stainless steel cutters, silicone press mould and full colour instructions.


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