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Decorative Metallic Lustre – Gold – Non Edible


Content 56 mgram

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Give your cake toppers, embellishments and other decorations a brilliant gold finish using Cake Lace’s Decorative Metallics lustre dust.

At a glance:

✔ Provide your cakes with a glamorous vintage feel!
✔ Find better coverage and more control and accuracy than lustre sprays.
✔ Easy use with flexible stencils.
✔ Great value for money!
✔ Perfect for cake figures, toppers and other non-edible cake decorations.
✔ Great for mixing with Rejuvenator Spirit or Confectioners Glaze to create a paint.

Please note, the Decorative Metallics range of dusts are designed to be used for non-edible decorations that do not come into contact with your cake.

Add powder directly to the product you wish to add colour to, or apply to the surface of the decoration using a brush. Alternatively, you can take a small amount of Rejuvenator Spirit or Ingenious Edibles Confectioners Glaze and mix with some Lustre Dust.

Not suitable for applying directly to cake.

Do not use in an airbrush machine.


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