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Cocoa Butter – Natural White


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Use Roxy & Rich’s 100% Natural Colour Cocoa Butter to decorate and colour your chocolate creations.  

Roxy & Rich Natural Cocoa Butter comes in a variety of vibrant colours to choose from and easily colours chocolate and candy melts to your favourite shades.

Natural Cocoa Butter is a versatile product which can be painted or applied with fingers on to moulded chocolate. It can also be used with chocolate moulds and to colour white chocolate when melted together.

Unlike other cocoa butters on the market, Roxy & Rich’s Natural Cocoa Butter is made from 100% natural fat soluble colorants from vegetable sources and meets European food standards.

It is also ready-tempered and won’t change the consistency of your chocolate unlike most cocoa butters that will thin it down considerably.

Natural Cocoa Butter is easy to use and can be melted in the bottle by microwave or in a boiler. To melt, simply heat the bottle for 10 seconds, shake, and heat for another 10 seconds. This can be repeated until the required amount of cocoa butter is melted. For best results, heat the cocoa butter at 10 second intervals as overheating could change the texture of the product.

When adding cocoa butter to your chocolate, add a little at a time until you get the shade of the colour your desire. The more cocoa butter you use, the darker the shade will be.

Cocoa butter is also great for painting edible decorations, either onto chocolate itself, or other edible mediums such as sugarpaste or modelling paste. To do this, melt the cocoa butter and once melted, use a paint or decorating brush to dip into the cocoa butter and paint your designs.

White: Cocoa Butter, Titanium Oxide (TiO2) E171

Roxy & Rich Cocoa Butters are:

✔ 100% edible
✔ 100% natural
✔ Nut, lactose and gluten free
✔ Suitable for vegans


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