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Cake Scrapers Clear Large and Extra Large


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Due to their transparent design, Choctastique cake scrapers enable you to decorate your cakes with ease, allowing you to see through the scraper to your cake underneath, therefore handing you superior control and accuracy.

With a thicker width of 4.5mm, Choctastique cake scrapers will not bend or tilt as much as conventional metal scrapers, so you can focus on ensuring all your cakes are consistent and straight.

The small bevel on the transparent culinary scraper’s edge can be used to precisely ganache, mask or smooth buttercream on cakes. The scraper is strong enough to also be used as a ruler to straighten any cake decoration, from candy stripes to edging cakes.

This set contains two scrapers, measuring 9″ and 11″ in length respectively, making them ideal for any cake height.

✔ Bevelled edge allows you to mask, smooth, or ganache your cake, accurately and easily.
✔ Transparent design allows you to see onto what you’re working with, meaning stencilling and smoothing ganache is made extremely simple.
✔ Manufactured with high quality, food-safe plastic, meaning unlike metal scrapers, Choctastique scrapers will keep their shape and not bend.


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