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Choctastique White Sculpting Chocolate


Colour White

Contents 907gram

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This modelling chocolate is great for colouring, painting, modelling flowers and figures, making wrap cakes, using in moulds, covering cakes and more. Even better, it tastes like chocolate!

Unlike some other brands, Chocotastique’s modelling chocolate does not go oily as you work with it. This allows you to use it for many different cake decorating techniques.

The modelling chocolate is a creamy white in colour. You can change the colour using gel pastes (we reccomend Rainbow Dust Pro Gel). Start with small amounts of the gel colour and knead into your modelling chocolate. Add more until desired colour is achieved. (Be conservative, you can always add more colour but you can’t take it away!)

Choctastique chocolate is ideal for modelling as it take longer to set than sugarpaste so you have a longer window in which to work with it. It will not crack or break so it is a very forgiving medium (even for beginners). It also blends seamlessly.

In a pasta machine it can be rolled down to a level 4 making it perfect for chocolate wrap cakes.

Got a troublesome mould that you can’t get an impression from? Try this sculpting chocolate. During our experiments we found that even very detailed mould work with the chocolate and produced crisp and defined moulds that released easily from the mould itself.

How to use:
Remove from the tub and knead the chocolate to soften it up. Roll to you desired thickness or model.
To attached separate pieces together, simply brush the join with a small amount of water.

This chocolate can be painted with food paints, or with melted cocoa butter.

Use the chocolate in your pasta machine to create even and thin sheets, perfect for making chocolate wrap cakes. Knead the chocolate before passing it through your pasta machine for the first time. It can be mixed in a 1:1 ratio with sugarpaste, to create a delicious cake covering. Perfect for those that dosn’t usually like the taste and texture of sugarpaste on their cakes. this tastes like chocolate, yummy!

Sugar (sugar cornstarch), hydrogenated palm kernel oil, non fat dry milk, soy lecithin (E322), maltodextin, enzyme-modified cocoa butter, natural flavour, glucose, fructose, water, salt, vanilla.

Allergy Information:
Contains Soy & Milk
Kosher Certified


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