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Cake Crack 50gram


Contents 50gram

Covers two tall 8″cake and cookies

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Gives your cakes and cookies an rustic texture with Cake Crack. This simple to use powder allows you to create realistic wood and stone effects without the use of a mould. Once made up into a paste Cake Crack can be coloured with gel.

How to use:
1. Add water or alcohol to your Cake Crack powder as required until it becomes a thick, brushable paste.
2. Coat the sugarpaste you wish to brush with Cake Crack in a thin layer of vegetable fat such as crisco or trex
3. Using a normal or silicone brush, brush on the Cake Crack paste. ONLY brush in one direction.
4. For large cracks, only brush once and for smaller cracks, brush multiple times.
5. Leave to air dry or near a low heat source.


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