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Baby Pink


Sugarflair/Gel Based Edible

Contents 25gram

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If you use a small amount (a tiny amount on a cocktail stick) you can achieve soft pastel colours.

But if you want something stronger, more vibrant, then add the paste little by little to achieve the shade you desire.

Sugarflair Concentrate Pastes are also great to use as paint. Note the same bright colours when using neat on icing.

Ideal for icing, marzipan and more.

Humectant: Vegetable Glycerine E422, Mono Propylene Glycol E1520, Thickener: Silicon Dioxide E551.
and also the following per colour:
Aqua: E171 Titanium Dioxide, E102 Tartrazine, E133 Blue FCF
Baby Pink: E171 Titanium Dioxide, E122 Camoisine
Bluebell: E171 Titanium Dioxide, E122 Carmoisine, E133 Blue FCF
Cherry Red: E171 Titanium Dioxide, E124 Ponceau 4R, E122 Camoisine
Daffodil: E171 Titanium Dioxide, E102 Tartrazine
Kiwi: E104 Quinoline, E171 Titanium Dioxide, E102 Tartrazine, E133 Blue FCF
Magenta: E171 Titanium Dioxide, E122 Carmoisine, E133 Blue FCF
Orange: E171 Titanium Dioxide, E110 Sunset Yellow
Shadow Grey: E171 Titanium Dioxide, E153 Vegetable Carbon
Sky Blue: E171 Titanium Dioxide, E133 Blue FCF

E102, E104, E110, E122, E124, E129 may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

Allergen Information:
Contains no known allergens.

✔ Suitable for Vegans
✔ Kosher Certified

Please note, some of these gels are of a thicker viscosity and can sometimes give a dried cracking effect. This can be avoided by adding a few drops of warm water and mixing well.


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