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Airbrush Machine Kit with Universal Plug – Spectrum Flow


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Create amazing airbrushed designs using the Spectrum Flow Airbrush Machine. 

Please note: The Universal plug comes with an adaptor to fit either UK/EU or USA plug sockets.

What Makes the Spectrum Flow Airbrush so Great?

  • Single action for ease of use.
  • Large paint cup – no need to constantly refill.
  • Works with Spectrum Flow colours and all other edible airbrush paints.
  • Can spray both large areas and precise details.
  • Ideal for both novices and expert decorators.
  • Touch activated.
  • Has a 0.4mm nozzle size – useful for thicker products

With the Spectrum Flow Airbrush Kit you can create the most colourful, diverse and unique cakes ever seen! It allows you to layer colours, apply precise shading, spray large areas and even create intricate details, not only providing your cake with the very best finish, but also saving you loads of time in the process!

Set up of the airbrush is simple, it’s easy to use and clean, and doesn’t leave your hand aching after long periods using it, making it the number one choice for novice and expert decorators alike.

There’s a massive range of Spectrum Flow airbrush colours available for the airbrush machine in matt, pearl and iridescent finishes, (some can even be used to spray onto chocolate!) so you are sure to find the colour you are looking for. Colours can also be mixed to get any shade you want.

What’s included?

  • Stainless steel, single action airbrush pen. With air constantly flowing through the pen, all you have to do is pull back the trigger to release the paint.
  • DC 12V Airbrush compressor with soft touch coating that encases it, making it easy to wipe clean (The colour can get into every nook and cranny if your compressor is not encased).
  • Hose
  • Moisture trap to help prevent blockages.
  • Large paint cup holding up to 20cc, allowing you to spray for long periods without refilling.
  • Pen holder, attached to the compressor, to neatly hold your pen when not using it or changing colours.
  • Dropper to help you mix colours or drop paint into the paint cup.
  • A year warranty is provided as standard.

1.  Connect the hose and moisture trap to the airbrush compressor and the airbrush pen.
2.  Fill the paint cup with a colour of your choice.
3.  Gently pull back the trigger to release the airbrush paint.

Top Tips: 

Airbrushing is a great technique and with very little practice, you can produce fantastic results. Here are just a few helpful tips that are worth remembering.

1. Practice on paper first so that you don’t spoil your project.
2. Never start spraying directly on to your project as you may get a sudden burst of colour. Try instead, to start spraying onto a spare piece of paper first, and then (whilst spraying) guide your spray onto your project.
3. Clean your airbrush with Spectrum Flow Airbrush Cleaner before and after use to prevent potential blockages and between changing colours to prevent colour residue mixing together.
4. Do not overfill the cup and when mixing colours, mix in a different bottle before adding to the paint cup.
5. If also using the airbrush for other crafting purposes, always keep a spare pen, specifically for edible use.

Input is 220-240v 50-60hz
Output is DC 12v

Max PSI: 30PSI LPM – litres per minute: around 9L/MIN The compressor can be l

DISCLAIMER: We DO NOT recommend using confectioner’s glaze or glitter in your airbrush kit unless using the specifically designed Spectrum Flow glitter paints. If you use confectioner’s glaze or glitter, we are not liable for any damage as this would void the warranty.


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