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Baking Trays and Cake Pops - Popsicles - Silkomart Products

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Baking - 3D Farm
3D Baking Trays for Baking, Freezing or Chocolate moulding..
Ex Tax: R75.00
Baking - Robo Pops
A hit with the Kids - Robo Pops on a stick or an ice lollly. These moulds can be used for baking or..
Ex Tax: R50.00
Cake Pop Stcks x 25
15cm cake pop sticks 25 per pack..
Ex Tax: R25.00
Cake Pop Stick x 25
L15cm sticks 25 per pack..
Ex Tax: R25.00
Cake Pop Sticks - White - 50Pck
50 Per packet L12cm..
Ex Tax: R35.00
Cake Pop Sticks x 25
15cm cake pop sticks 25 per pack..
Ex Tax: R25.00
Cake Smoothing Tool - Edge Smoother  - Silkomart
The Smoother consists of a transparant spatula and an interchangeable ergonomic handle with a silico..
Ex Tax: R180.00
Cake Smoothing Tool - Wonder Smoother - Silkomart
Create the ideal canvas to commence your cake decorating by using this premium quality cake smoothin..
Ex Tax: R206.00
Chocolate  Melts  - White Colour Melts 250gram
As the name suggest just melt these buttons for virbrantly coloured coatings. for dippings, moulding..
Ex Tax: R80.00
Dog Paw Tray of Silicone Mould
Small little Dog Paws that can be used with fondant or as a former for little chocolate popsicles, S..
Ex Tax: R135.00
Easy Pops Tray of Four - Silkomart
Sicione tray of Four Size  7 x 7cm For Baking and Freezing..
Ex Tax: R235.00
Moon Cloud Topper
Ctreat an amamzing cake topper suitable for either girl or boy sized to fit sleepong babies mini and..
Ex Tax: R1,675.00
Mould - Star Wars Silicone Mould
2 Imprints per set measuring 8 x 6cm and 2cm deep Mould can be used for Baking, Moulding, Freezing...
Ex Tax: R45.00
Petite Fortune Baking Tray
Mould can be used for baking, freezing or chocolate making. 15 cup mould - Size of mushroom 4.5 x 5..
Ex Tax: R95.00
Silicone 15 Cavity Round Ball Shape Mould
Material Silicone Colour White Ball shape groove in cavity rounds out the mini truffle. Safe for ove..
Ex Tax: R152.00
Silicone 15 Cavity Semi Sphere Chocolate Mould
Material Silicone. Colour Brown Temperature 230C Inside diameter 4.56cm Safe for use in over, microw..
Ex Tax: R155.00
Silicone 35 Cavity Chocolate Truffle Mould
Material Silicone Inside Diameter 2.6cm Colour White Safe for use in oven, microwav, dishwasher and ..
Ex Tax: R152.00
Silicone 6 Cavity Semicircle
Material Silicone Inside Diameter 6.8cm Temperature uo to 230C Safe for use in Oven, Micrpwave, Dish..
Ex Tax: R160.00
Silicone Cake Square Irregular Geometric Mould - Small
Colour White Size 15.5cm square D5.1cm Safe for oven use, microwave, dishwasher and fridge. Suitable..
Ex Tax: R145.00
Silicone Cake/Mouse Mould
Colour White Inside diameter 7cm Suitable for baking, moose, jelly,chocolate and other food products..
Ex Tax: R155.00
Silicone Cake/Mouse Mould
Colour White Size L24 x W6cm Suitable for baking. mouse, jelly. chocolate and other food products Sa..
Ex Tax: R155.00
Silicone Russian Tale Five Cavity Mould
Colour White Diameter 5cm Suitable for baking, mouse, jelly,chocolate and other food. Safe for oven ..
Ex Tax: R230.00
Silicone Sky Cloud - Small
Colour White Inside Diameter 16.50cm x 16.50cm Temperature 230C Safe for use in oven, microwave, dis..
Ex Tax: R154.00
Silicone Sky Mould - Large
Colour White Inside Diameter 18 x 18cm Suitable for baking, mouse, jelly, chocolate or any other foo..
Ex Tax: R210.00
Silkomart Mini Classic Silicone  Mould and Sticks - Silkomart
With mini Classic you can make delicious mini ice creams on a stick and also fancy baked snacks for ..
Ex Tax: R235.00
Sweetie Popsicles
Make you own sweeties with this tray of 6. Can be used with candy. chocolate or fondant. Size 4.x4cm..
Ex Tax: R135.00