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Moulds - Border Moulds with Fondant, Isomalt and Chocolate

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Baroque 3
Border mould or use to make Crown for larger cakes. Size L14cm x H4.50cm Mould made in China..
Ex Tax: R135.00
Bead Mould
Large Bead Mould measuring 24.40 x 10cm Made in China..
Ex Tax: R110.00
Border - Flourish - Marvelous Moulds
Flourish Border is a silicone mould featuring and artistic array of graceful sweeps and curls with a..
Ex Tax: R450.00
Border - Pearl Drapes
Fine Detailed border mould that can be used with Fondant, Chocolate or Isomalt and even Sugar Lace. ..
Ex Tax: R85.00
Border Mould  - Small Sequins Mould - Karen Davies Sugarcraft
Make edible sequins borders quick and easy. Cover an etire tier or make stunnig border. Size 19.5 x ..
Ex Tax: R385.00
Border Mould -  Decorative
Small mould for borders Size 12.50 x 2cm..
Ex Tax: R65.00
Border Mould - Betty  Lace - Marvelous Moulds
Betty is a silicone Mould with a self trimming blade and enchanced lace pattern that make an elegant..
Ex Tax: R547.00
Border Mould - Brava - Marvelous Moulds
Brava Border creates a bold and gracefull scroll design on the side of any cake. From the Marina Sou..
Ex Tax: R386.00
Border Mould - Grand Tassle - Marvelous Moulds
Seventeen individual tassel decorations side by side to create a stately cake decoration in Isomalt,..
Ex Tax: R328.00
Border Mould - Large Sequins - Karen Davies Sugarcraft
Made edible sequins quicker then ever before. Cover and entire tier or make a stunning border. Size ..
Ex Tax: R385.00
Border Mould - Lydia Lace - Marvelous Moulds
Lydia is a silicone lace border that use cabochons , swirls and refinded detaild elements to create ..
Ex Tax: R350.00
Border Mould - Shaped Fondant
Mould that can be used as an embelishment on a cake or make a few and place as border around your ca..
Ex Tax: R65.00
Border Mould - Splendor - Marvelous Moulds
Stack layers of flowers to wrap a complete bouquet around your cakes. Size 17 x 4cm..
Ex Tax: R419.00
Border Moulds - Whelk Sea Shells
The Whelk Border Mould creates a series of whelk seashells from gum paste, chocolate to adorn the to..
Ex Tax: R389.00
Bubble Border Large
The Bubble/Pearl range of borders featuring different sized bubbles large, medium and small Use as a..
Ex Tax: R458.00
Bubble Sash
Bubble Sash is a very popular and versatile mould.  Use on underwater theme cakes, handbags, wedding..
Ex Tax: R625.00
Classic Pearl Border - Marvelous Moulds
Wrap a cake in a triple strand of pearls with the Classic Pearl Border. Simple yet elegant, a solid ..
Ex Tax: R305.00
Elegant Lace Mould
Hand Made Lace Mould. Can be used with Chocolate and Fondant. Push clay into fondant and it will e..
Ex Tax: R600.00
Elegant Lace Mould
Handmade Lace Mould Mould can be used with Fondant or Chocolate Push clay into moulds and it will ..
Ex Tax: R600.00
Elegant Lace No 13
Easy to release silicone mould (no need for releasing agent). After you have pressed your sugarpaste..
Ex Tax: R300.00
Fantasy Ribbon Mould
Border mould . Made in China Size L13.50cm x H4cm..
Ex Tax: R120.00
Fence Silicone Mould
Use as border mould.  ..
Ex Tax: R85.00
Knitting Mould - Braded Knit Border- Marvelous Moulds
The braided knit capture every detail of a knitted piece. Use as a border but also to cover cookies,..
Ex Tax: R358.00
Knitting Mould - Cable Knit - Marvelous Moulds
While every mould in the knit collection is a good representative of iconic knit patterns, the cable..
Ex Tax: R358.00
Knitting Mould - Pom Pom Border - Marvelous Moulds
Now here is a way to impress friends and clients with this playful, cheery design. Think cushions, c..
Ex Tax: R358.00
Mehendi Border Mould - Small
Use as border on larger cakes or make individual droplets for cupcakes Size 200 x 72mm Made in the u..
Ex Tax: R253.00
Onlay - Elation- Marvelous Moulds
This onlay is one these design that cannot be categorised into just one style. This is answer for a..
Ex Tax: R220.00
All moulds in this collection are made with food grade silicone. The onlay is designed with a silico..
Ex Tax: R75.00
Ornate Pearls - Karen Davies Sugarcraft
Create perfect pearl designs in seconds! This mould allow you to cover entire tiers in a beautiful p..
Ex Tax: R525.00
Pearl Band - Karen Davies Sugarcraft
The Pear Band can be used as a border or as an easy and effective way to cover an entire cake. The b..
Ex Tax: R315.00
Pearl Mould - Three Strings
Pearl mould with strings of pearl in various sizes. 3 Cavities 10mm Dia, 6mm Dia,and 2mm Dia..
Ex Tax: R155.00
Pearls - Rimmed Border Mould - Katy Sue Design
Mould can be used with sugar paste, flower paste, modelling paste, marzipan, chocolate or any other ..
Ex Tax: R236.00
Piped Swirl Rose  Border - Large Mould - Karen Davies Sugarcraft
This border mould allows you to create elegant and precise swirls every time. Looks stunning with wh..
Ex Tax: R541.00
Plaited Borders - Karen Davies Sugarcraft
Create detailed border and designs. This mould will give you 5 Plated borders in one mould. Size L19..
Ex Tax: R369.00
Ruffle - Border Mould - Marvelous Moulds
This is an equisitely elegant border mould that creates a design featuring two layers of "fabric" ru..
Ex Tax: R421.00
Scroll and Ribbon Mould
Border for decoration on larger cakes. Size L22cm x W6,5 and 3cm..
Ex Tax: R175.00
Sugar Flowers Large Mould -Karen Davies Sugarcraft
Our sugar flower mould allows you to create a beautifully detailed side design within seconds. Perf..
Ex Tax: R598.00