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Moulds- Brooches, Cameos,Scrolls, Tassels, Embellishments

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Art Deco Jewels and Pearls - Karen Davies Sugarcraft
Part of the New Art Deco Range. This stunning string of Jewels and Pearls will look stunning on the ..
Ex Tax: R369.00
Baroque 3
Border mould or use to make Crown for larger cakes. Size L14cm x H4.50cm Mould made in China..
Ex Tax: R135.00
Baroque Plaque - The Old Piping Bah Company
A Decorative Baroque style centerpiece for larger cakes. Size 87mm x 103mm Made in the UK by the Old..
Ex Tax: R382.00
Baroque Scroll Leaf Mould
Large deep indentation mould. Size H9cm x W6cm..
Ex Tax: R135.00
Baroque Shell Mould -  FPC Moulds
The decorations of this mould has been carved by hand from wax to add a touch of Barogue Elegance to..
Ex Tax: R224.00
Bows - Ribbon - FPC Moulds
Two indentation mould - Use on top of cupcakes or on frames. Size L7 and 6cm..
Ex Tax: R175.00
Brooch - Brooch Mould 5 Imprint Mould - Karen Davies Sugarcraft
A very popular design is a ribbon around the cake fastened with a brooch. Now you can create your ow..
Ex Tax: R385.00
Brooch Enchanting - Marvelous Moulds
All moulds in this collection are made with food grade silicone. The mould is designed with a silico..
Ex Tax: R260.00
Brooch Mould - Vintage - Karen Davies Sugarcraft
This mould has 10 jewels/brooches for many designs. Can also be used as buttons or decor on cupcake..
Ex Tax: R355.00
Cameo - First Impression Moulds
First Impression mould that can be used with Fondant, Chocolate, Isomalt or any other air drying cla..
Ex Tax: R219.00
Cameo - Flower Cameo - FPC Moulds
Set of Four Cameos. Size 3.50 , 1.50 and 1cm Made in UK..
Ex Tax: R175.00
Cameo - Ladies -FPC Moulds
Seven different sizes with different designs. Ideal for cupcakes or as decoration on larger cakes Si..
Ex Tax: R235.00
Cameos - FPC Moulds
All moulds in this collection are made with food grade silicone. A beautifull deep indentation moul..
Ex Tax: R185.00
Cameos - Three per set. -FPC Moulds
Three cameos with different designs Size 3.50 x 3cm Made in UK..
Ex Tax: R175.00
Damask Scroll -FPC Moulds
Embelishment Mould for side design on larger cakes. Measurement 5.50 x 4.50cm Made in UK..
Ex Tax: R173.00
Decorative Bosses - FPC Moulds
A set of decorative bosses for adding a stylish flourish to your cakes. Size 3.50 x 3.50cm and  2 x ..
Ex Tax: R195.00
Embelishment Corner Mould
Small mould that can be used to decorate corners or use as top part to build a frame. Size L4cm and ..
Ex Tax: R45.00
Embellishment 2 - CH Moulds
Embelishment mould that can be used as border or as emblishment for making a frame. Size 7 x6cm..
Ex Tax: R55.00
Embellishment 201
Small embellishment for decorating or use it to build your own frame Size L8.50cm x H3cm Colour Grey..
Ex Tax: R45.00
Embellishment 9 - CH Moulds
For borders on cakes or cupcakes. Size L12 x H3cm..
Ex Tax: R92.00
Fantasy Ribbon Mould
Border mould . Made in China Size L13.50cm x H4cm..
Ex Tax: R120.00
Filigree Medallion Set - First Impression Moulds
Mould by First Impression mould - Fine details - Three different designs - Seven Indentations  Size ..
Ex Tax: R306.00
Fleur de List
Small modern Fleur de List mould. Size H5.50cm x W4cm..
Ex Tax: R95.00
Flower Mould - Leaf Flora 1
Large Leaf measuring 11cm in Height and 8.50cm in width. Designed by Colette Peters. ..
Ex Tax: R385.00
Flower Scroll Embellishment
Silicone mould - use as embellishment on larger cakes Size L19cm x H2.50cm..
Ex Tax: R325.00
Foliate Scrolls - FPC Moulds
A set of Foliate Scrolls for adding a stylish flourish to your cakes. Size Top 8cm wide and 3.50cm h..
Ex Tax: R175.00
Grand Tassel Drop - Marvelous Moulds
Ideal for cushion cakes . Size L6cm..
Ex Tax: R217.00
Jeweled Medallion - First Impression Moulds
Medallion mould for larger cakes also suitable for cupcakes. Size H7cm..
Ex Tax: R219.00
Kathy Lace Mould - Marvelous Moulds
A petite silicone lace mould, designed to resemble a vertical pendant. The Kathy lace mould has a de..
Ex Tax: R210.00
Laurel Wreath - The Old Poping Bag Company
Small Decorative Wreath for cupcakes or as embellishment on your larger cake Size 60 x 44mm Made in ..
Ex Tax: R199.00
Leaf Flourish Embellishment - Katy Sue Desing
Use with firm fondant, sugarpaste.modelling paste. chocolate, candy or any other air drying clay. Si..
Ex Tax: R208.00
Leaves - Decorative -FPC Moulds
All moulds in this catogory are made from food grade silicone.  Five indentations and detailed mould..
Ex Tax: R182.00
Lorraine Lace - NY Cake
Design exquisite lace patterns from sugar paste, chocolate, isomat and more with this 2 piece mould ..
Ex Tax: R197.00
Medallion Set 2
Soft and flexible silicone mould with 6 Indentations Use with Fondant, Sugar, Isomalt, Dough etc. ..
Ex Tax: R133.00
Ribbon and Rose Swing Mould
Use as decor on larger cakes. Size L8.50cm..
Ex Tax: R85.00
Ropes, Roses and Frame - The Old Piping bag Company
Ropes and Roses provides a perfect finishing touch to display  short mongrams on cakes and cupcakes...
Ex Tax: R275.00
Rose Embellishments - The Old Piping Bag Company
Two piece featuring little rose details. 100mm x 23mm and 83 x 25mm Made in the UK - The Old Piping ..
Ex Tax: R251.00
S Scrolls - Katy Sue Design
Use with firm fondant, chocolate, modelling paste, sugar paste or any other air drying clay. A key e..
Ex Tax: R362.00
Embellishment for cake decor. Mould can be used with Fondant or any other clay. Size 11.50 x 4cm Mad..
Ex Tax: R85.00
Scrolls - Curlicues -FPC Moulds
The possiblities are just endless with this moulds.  Use as decor on cake pops, make a frame for lar..
Ex Tax: R149.00
Sharon Lace Mould - Marvelous Moulds
Small embellishment mould. Size 4.50 x 4cm..
Ex Tax: R210.00
Tassel 1 Large
This mould has been designed by Colette Peters measuring 14.50 cm in Height 2.50 to 6cm in width.  ..
Ex Tax: R480.00
Tassel 2
This mould has been designed by Colette Pieters. Detailed mould measuring 10cm in Height and 2.50 to..
Ex Tax: R418.50
Vintage Diamond - The Old Piping Bag Company
Vintage Diamond looks amazing on decorative cakes.  Deep details really make this stand out for the ..
Ex Tax: R185.00
Wreath Decorative - Small - The Old Piping Bag Company
A small decorative and detailed wreath 41mm x 51mm Use it seperate halves to create borders or beaut..
Ex Tax: R192.00