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Patchwork Cutters

Patchwork Cutters
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Baby - Elephant Set - Patchwork Cutters
A fun lttle set.  Hang your little elephant on a balloon. Great for cookies or larger cakes,..
Ex Tax: R120.00
Baby - Lion and Nursery Items - Patchwork Cutters
This cheeky chappie can be finished off in brown, pink or blue. The nursery items looks great emboss..
Ex Tax: R115.00
Card Set - Patchwork Cutters
Great for a card enthusiast or to celebrate a trip to Vegas. The plain card may be embossed with the..
Ex Tax: R154.00
Carol Singer - Patchwork Cutter
Decoration as embosser or cut outs  for side or on top of cake. The Carol Singer is small enough to ..
Ex Tax: R125.00
Communion Set - Patchwork Cutters
This set contains two cutters of praying children and wheat, grapes and challice cutter/embosser..
Ex Tax: R95.00
D.I.Y.Set - Patchwork Cutters
This set contains a builder/workman cutter along with 14 tool and accessory cutter, The figure can ..
Ex Tax: R159.00
Daisy Cutter and Stencil - Patchwork Cutters
This daisy design is lovely around a child's cake - multi- coloured flowers can be single layer or d..
Ex Tax: R160.00
Diamond Side Design - Patchwork Cutters
Diamond Side design will give you a diamond pattern when embossed on your cake. A must have for ever..
Ex Tax: R75.00
Duck - Patchwork Cutters
This individual cutter is perfect for birthday, easter and celebration cakes...
Ex Tax: R65.00
Embroidery Grid  - Patchwork Cutters
This embosser is great for following a pattern and painting the stiches onto a square. Size 12.5 x 8..
Ex Tax: R87.00
Fairies and Toadstool - Patchwork Cutters
A magical set perfect for little girl's cakes. The toadstool can also be used for country scenes...
Ex Tax: R204.00
Fantasy Flowers - Patchwork Cutters
Contemporary designs to stir the imagination. Multi - coloured or displayed in various combinations ..
Ex Tax: R135.00
Fisherman - Patchwork Cutters
This figure can be laid on a plaque or made up on top of a cake. The fishing line is made by piping ..
Ex Tax: R62.00
Flower Cutter - Geberra - Patchwork Cutters
Each set contains 7 cutters and easy to follow colour instruction leaflet to help you to create your..
Ex Tax: R152.00
Flower Cutter - Grandifllora Rose - Patchwork Cutter
This set contains 10 cutters to make roses 9cm across. The set includes step by step instuctions...
Ex Tax: R167.00
Garland  - Patchwork Cutters
This Christmas design can be cut out in a green paste with coloured flowers added on top. Makes a be..
Ex Tax: R92.00
Horse Set - Patchwork Cutters
This 13 piece set has everything for the horse lover or horse racing fan..
Ex Tax: R120.00
Hot Air Balloon Set - Patchwork Cutters
Up and Away! The set contains 8 cutters - 3 sizes of hot air balloon, parachute, umbrella cutter and..
Ex Tax: R107.00
House Side Design - Patchwork Cutters
Make a beautiful cake decoration and side designs. Also great for creating a country scene...
Ex Tax: R69.00
Love Script - Patchwork Cutter
This set creates a fantastic 17cm wide Love script decoration for wedding cakes. The set also includ..
Ex Tax: R130.00
Make a Bow Set - Patchwork Cutters
This set makes four sizes of 3D Bows. Ideal for Novelty or Wedding cakes. Full Instructions included..
Ex Tax: R164.00
Make a Church - Patchwork Cutters
This set makes a 3D Church ideal as a cake topper for a wedding or baptism cake..
Ex Tax: R185.00
Mary and Joseph Scene - Patchwork Cutters
A tradional design with cute figures to make a Christmas cake that children loves. Use as an emboss..
Ex Tax: R100.00
Mice and Hedgehog - Patchwork Cutters
This fun set is great when a cheeky animal is required on a cake...
Ex Tax: R150.00
Mini Quilter -Patchwork Cutters
The embosser make a qiolting effect. Ideal for embossing paste to make ribbons, side designs or perf..
Ex Tax: R65.00
Mix and Match - Patchwork Cutters
Creating stunning side design decorations for cakes with this Mix and Match designs. Over 10 Cutter..
Ex Tax: R185.00
Music Notes (Large) - Patchwork Cutters
This set contains 10 Music Notes and a Treble Clef in different sizes. The largest Note, which is 9..
Ex Tax: R164.00
Music Staf and Clef - Patchwork Cutters
Two music staves per set..
Ex Tax: R76.00
Nativity Set - Patchwork Cutters
A simple trational secene of Christmas. Will make a beautiful embellishment on top your fruit cakes ..
Ex Tax: R80.00
New York Skyline - Patchwork Cutters.
Can be use as embosser or cut outs for larger and smaller cakes..
Ex Tax: R86.00
Nursery Set - Patchwork Cutters
Ideal for 1st Birthday cakes, the toys make a perfect border...
Ex Tax: R120.00
Scissor - Patchwork Cutters
Perfect for adding to a sewing box cake or embroidery themed caked with a sugar needle and threat..
Ex Tax: R52.00
Shepherds Set - Patchwork Cutters
This set is perfect for making a night time scene.  Bethlehem looks great around the side of a cake ..
Ex Tax: R160.00
Silhouette - Famiily - Patchwork Cutters
The Family Silhouette contains eleven fantastic family themed cutters, ranging from a cute young bab..
Ex Tax: R192.00
Silhouette - Safari - Patchwork Cutters
Take a walk on the wild side with our Safari Silhouette Set. The set contain 8 fantastic animal cut..
Ex Tax: R176.00
Silhouette Set - Countryside - Patchwork Cutters.
This set is ideal for decorating your cakes with striking silhouette countryside scenes. The set con..
Ex Tax: R158.00
Silhouette Set - Dancing Figurine - Patchwork Cutters
This romantic set can be used together or use the smaller silhouettes for cookies and and smaller ca..
Ex Tax: R162.00
Silhouette Set - Disco Dancers - Patchwork Cutters
The side design and top figurine make for a funky cake decorating. Music Note, Glitter balls, Recor..
Ex Tax: R172.00
Silhouette Set - Dogs - Patchwork Cutters
Set of seven silhouette cutters  Alsation, Golden Retriever, Springer Spaniel, Collie, Westie and La..
Ex Tax: R102.00
Silhouette Set - Wedding - Patchwork Cutters
This set includes 3 designs in various sizes for creating stunning cake side designs and toppers. L..
Ex Tax: R169.00
Silhouette- Jive Dancers - Patchwork Cutters
Get creative by using the small silhouettes around the side of a cake embossing the song titiles and..
Ex Tax: R134.00
Smocking Embosser - Patchwork Cutters
Cover a cake with sugarpaste . Press the embosser onto the cake side and leave to dry.  ..
Ex Tax: R115.00
Snowflake Cutter - Patchwork Cutters
One Snowflake Cutter measuring 5.50cm Dip them in silver or gold for a lovely decoration on the Chri..
Ex Tax: R55.00
Tea Rose - Patchwork Cutters
Perfect for any cake that has a rose theme. Cut out or use as an embosser..
Ex Tax: R65.00